The team at is made up of experts and professional punters in their chosen categories. Professional Punting is the only website and service provider that has never had a losing year in any category since their inception 22 years ago.

This gives you, our client, supreme confidence in our approach and is backed up with our $3,000 guarantee. If you don’t win over a 12 month period following our advice on Horses or Greyhounds we will give you $3,000 cash guaranteed! No other tipping service will give you this guarantee.

Our team members:

  • Luke Murrell’s tips (Horse Racing)
  • THE GURU (Greyhounds)
  • Mr M (AFL and NRL)
  • Mr Sports (Soccer and Cricket)
  • and finally Mr T (Horses and our Trial Expert)

All specialise in their chosen area and all make a significant profit each year.

Luke Murrell has been a punter since year 7 where he held a book with several school teachers each weekend. Not only is Luke a Melbourne Cup winning owner but he is also a form consultant for multiple trainers , jockeys and owners. Luke is an expert at crafting correct speed maps and identifying the right horses for the right races. He has an amazing knowledge of all aspects of punting. Nobody is more sought-after when assessing the form of international horses than Luke.

Mr T is currently protecting his identity as he is an old school type punter. Stemming from his childhood years loitering around smoke filled TABs with his dad is where he learned the art of punting. He has had multiple accounts closed due to his notorious plunges on unseen horses making their racetrack debut or horses coming back from a spell.

Mr M has been finding edges in the AFL/NRL sports betting markets for years. He approaches every game from a statistical point of view using his data to exploit angles that keep him ahead of the bookies.

The Guru has been running riot on the greyhound scene for quite some time and is possible the only person in Australia who has been directly responsible for every TAB outlet in a 30km radius being shut down with their fixed odds markets due to his success.

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