OK, so next Saturday sees Winx going for an historic seventeenth win at Group 1 Level. If she does that, she passes the world record of 16 Group 1 wins currently held by the great American gelding, John Henry. That will be some feat! But it set me to thinking that, if I was asked […]

More Money Than Sense….

Sometimes, all you can do is just shake your head in disbelief. We all know that a huge bucket load of money does the rounds in the racing industry. That’s a “given”, and a large proportion of that money is controlled by the various racing organisations in each State. As in any industry, there are […]

How Deep Is The Mire?

The sorry scandal that has erupted over the doping mess involving Aquanita stables and others has more layers than the proverbial onion. As more and more revelations come out, the situation becomes more and more disturbing, and, in a way, more and more ridiculous. Firstly, let’s think about the sheer stupidity of it all. These […]

The punting rules
Desperate Dan likes to live by..

Over the years I’ve developed a few rules that I like to stick by: The shorter the odds the more you put on Never back a roughie. They are called roughies for a reason! Always keep your betting accounts quiet from the missus. Use a TAB ticket as a decoy The only way to win […]

My career in punting….by Desperate Dan

My career in punting has really blossomed over the past 5 years. If I could put a finger on it I’d say it was around the time that betting became accessible on mobile phones. I remember watching my mate winning a 6 bet all up which resulted in a $35k payout. We sang “Horses” all […]

Introducing Desperate Dan!

We all have that friend.. you know the one.. a real character! He is the life of the party always with a funny story to tell. Sometimes we are laughing with him and sometimes we are laughing at him. Either way he always leaves us laughing! So let us introduce our friend Desperate Dan (not […]

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