The punting rules
Desperate Dan likes to live by..

Over the years I’ve developed a few rules that I like to stick by:

  • The shorter the odds the more you put on
  • Never back a roughie. They are called roughies for a reason!
  • Always keep your betting accounts quiet from the missus. Use a TAB ticket
    as a decoy
  • The only way to win big is from multis
  • Always talk about your wins – gives you more credibility amongst your friends
  • Theres no point ending the day with a few bucks left in the account. Much better to find the
    fav, a jockey in form or follow the smart money and go all-in with the get out of trouble stakes
  • Pike in Ascot!
  • Whoever said not to chase your losses must be from the Pakistan cricket team. This is Australia, we chase all day and never give up!

Every week I will post an update so you can all follow me on my journey.
Desperate Dan – now paying!


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