Luke Murrell’s Professional Punting has one goal, to make your money grow.

The co-director of Australian Bloodstock started professional punting 22 year ago, in that time he has helped many clients gain financial freedom.

Leaving your money in the bank will return very small profits of under 10% per year, using our professional betting strategies on horse racing and greyhounds you will average over 200% return on your investment each year. Our Professionals have averaged these returns for 22 years and have never had a loosing year, but just in case they do your covered by our profit guarantee.

Our professional punters bet with a bank of 100 units. A unit for some people isĀ $100 and a unit for another person may be $500. Because people are starting with different sized investments a unit structure makes it simple to bet. For more information see our betting strategy guide.

Our horse package averages +228 profit per year and our greyhound packages +261, so betting $100 units would net you $22,800 and $26,100 profit per year respectively off a $10,000 bank.
For more information on how we can mentor you to become a successful punter and turn punting into a tax-free wage contact us.
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