Leaving your money in the bank will return very small profits of under 10% per year, using our professional betting strategies on horse racing and greyhounds you will average over 200% return on your investment each year. Our Professionals have averaged these returns for 22 years and have never had a loosing year, but just in case they do your covered by our profit guarantee.

Our professional punters bet with a bank of 100 units. A unit for some people is $100 and a unit for another person may be $500, so to report profit correctly professionals use a unit structure as people are starting with different sized investments.

A unit represents 1% of your investment, so if you start with a $5,000 bank you would use $50 units and if you start with a $10,000 bank your unit size would be $100 and so on. Having a 100 unit bank provides a cushion to get through lean patches, if you were to bet all of your bank everyday, all it takes is one bad day and your wiped out. A 100 unit bank allows for the ups and down that are inherent with any investment. To better understand variance in punting read our Variance in Punting article. Our horse package averages +228 units profit per year and our greyhound package +261, so betting $100 units would net you $22,800 and $26,100 profit per year respectively off a $10,000 bank.

How we bet:

For our Greyhound Guru, Dog Daddy, and Sports Master packages the highest fixed odds price available is taken by clients upon receiving our selections.

For our horse package we bet under the following structure:

  • “Bet Now” Win & Place – Fixed Price at time of email.
  • Win Bet – If fixed price available: Half fixed odds and half Betfair SP. To achieve the greatest results we encourage you to bet late on Betfair, that’s how we bet. If you are time poor we suggest taking Best of Best or Betfair SP as a back up.
  • Win Bet – If fixed not available: Full bet Betfair SP.
  • Place Bets: Half fixed odds and half Mid Tote, Top Tote Saturdays.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.