Prince Of Arran (barrier 1) $10 | LEAD UP: 12,100m
Great chance although the inside gate looks no good for him given he doesn’t have much speed, looks like he gets buried. But will be fit having not really been given a break. Can Win

Mustajeer (barrier 2) $91 | LEAD UP: 8,700m
Surely he won’t cover 3400m this year from 2. Adamant he has to hold the top 4-5 pairs and no further back. There is no speed this year and he has a sense of timing. His Ebor run puts him top 4 here. Winning chance at a big price.

Anthony Van Dyke (barrier 3) $8.5 | LEAD UP: 9,600m
Huge distance doubt plus has the weight. Albeit suspect he is the stable elect and maps great and no doubt has some quality, but he has 2 huge hurdles to overcome. Given the race is not a true handicap he comes into it.

Vow and Declare (barrier 4) $51 | LEAD UP: 6,000m
Going horrible, not a good platform this year and has none.

The Chosen One (barrier 5) $41 | LEAD UP: 8,300m
Sneaking along ok, suck run and will like firm. Knockout hope if they go an average tempo only. Doesn’t quite have the fitness for a strong run race.

Finche (barrier 6) $18 | LEAD UP: 6,000m
No miles in his legs and he’s not going as good this year albeit poorly ridden tactically to suit him. Good horse but place best. Solid horse but needs a dawdle to be in the finish.

Suprirse Baby (barrier 7) $9 | LEAD UP: 3,600m
Absolutely bizzar prep. No miles and he wants a Vow and Declare or Green Moon year where they sprint from the 400m. His only hope is a slow run race.

Warning (barrier 8) $51 | LEAD UP: 6,000m
Had a set back and no miles. Looks to be going very well however he is in career best form and a wide exotic play.

Stratum Albion (barrier 9) $46 | LEAD UP: 7,845m
Best staying trainer in the world and the horse is tough as nails but his hope is he out stays a lot of non stayers. He’s very one paced so will need a ride, very very wide exotic.

Avilius (barrier 10) $51 | LEAD UP: 7,845m
Great old horse but no miles and no to a firm track and distance.

Master of Reality (barrier 11) $21 | LEAD UP: 10,400m
Gets lots of ticks with metres but his best form is on soft. Had all favours last year in a weak race and couldn’t win. Not going as well this year or have they been fixing?

Twilight Payment (barrier 12) $23 | LEAD UP: 10,400m
Has the miles but is a distance doubt and is another who prefers soft over the firm. But going well this year, has a good map and is a chance. Can Win.

Miami Bound (barrier 13) $26 | LEAD UP: 10,063m
Has the miles but is a genuine wet track only horse. Can’t win.

Sir Dragonet (barrier 14) $23 | LEAD UP: 10,080m
Another wet track only horse and argubaly the distance will be a big doubt. No chance for me.

Verry Elleegant (barrier 15) $35 | LEAD UP: 7,400m
Class horse but how does she carry that weight, over race to buggerey, travel wide and still win? Very good horse, has the numbers and although has too many things against her and a bad platform the the Cup she could win.

Russian Camelot (barrier 16) $12 | LEAD UP: 7,440m
What has he done this horse. Peach run in the Cox Plate and every chance all runs this season even the wide one where they crawled. Massively overrated, won’t go on firm and has to go back so he doesn’t overrace.

Oceanex (barrier 17) $71 | LEAD UP: 7,600m
Good tough mare but just not close to the class.

King of Leogrance (barrier 18) $41 | LEAD UP: 4,400m
Possibly been in work all year. Possible, but not sure and he had his chance last year. Maybe runs 4th to 7th but not a chance to win.

Dashing Willoughby (barrier 19) $81 | LEAD UP: 11,300m
The knockout. He doesn’t go much on the wet and his ratings on firm are very good. Only concern is he likes to race free and do they try and get cover or go from the outset? Genuine chance and great roughie albeit reports he is not right. Can Win.

Persan (barrier 20) $31 | LEAD UP: 20,904m
By far the fittest horse in the race. If it’s faster than it looks that will help him but he does lack class as been beneficiary of some huge PR positions in recent times. I’ll be including in exotics but no hope can win.

Steel Prince (barrier 21) $41 | LEAD UP: 8,610m
He’s going great. Had a peach ride to win the Geelong Cup and the firm track is no worries. Genuine place chance as he stays but gate means he can’t win.

Etah James (barrier 22) $41 | LEAD UP: 4,900m
Running for 12th. Only hope was a heavy 100 rating not a good 3.

Tiger Moth (barrier 23) $7.5 | LEAD UP: 6,800m
Absolute myth. Doesn’t have a rating or a sectional to his name and won’t run the trip if he had a head start. Do the ride for minor money or go forward. The issue is AVD the stablemate doesn’t want a fast run race so maybe they go back ?

Ashrun (barrier 24) $23 | LEAD UP: 13,300m
Absolutely sick with the draw. He’s the second fittest horse, has no issues with the distance and as we saw Saturday is not one paced and can run a sectional. If he drew gate 3 to 10 he’s a 7/1 chance and the one to beat. Can win with luck.

Good Luck!

Luke Murrell

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