Do you know your Footy?

Make money using your skill and knowledge and play the footy tipping comp with a difference! Starting this week!

Your $110 entry fee enters you into 3 comps. The 4 week tournament, The Challenge Cup and the Yearly Tournament!

The Rules:

  • Pick your selection based on margin and your dividend will be based on the dividend advertised. For example Storm to win 1-12 @ $3.20, Richmond to win 39+ @ $3.2
  • If you are correct 3.2 points goes to your total. If you miss out 0 points.
  • You tip in all games over a 4 week period.
  • The person with the most points at the end of 4 weeks gets a cash prize.
  • By playing these options it allows you to use your skill and win even if you have a bad week and those boring lopsided games still give you a chance to score big.

Prize Pool and Entry:

  • In this competition there will be 3 individual tournaments of which your $110 covers all entries into these.
  • Money must be paid in full, up front, before each tournament starts.
  • You can enter as many times as you like and when each 4 weekly tournament ends a new one will start

Competition 1: Poker Style 4 week Tournament.

  • For every 4 week round the cost to enter for the 4 weeks is $110.
  • Each 4 week round will have a winner and second chance tournament, plus a yearly tournament all for the same entry fee.
  • 4 people in each 4 weekly tournament. These will be chosen in order of entry to the tournament.
  • At the end of 4 weeks the person with the highest score of your group will take a cash prize of $280. Winner takes the pot of $280.
  • Should there be an uneven number of people enter the last group of 4 that enter may have up to 7 people in that table. If 5 people, the prize will be $350. If 6 people $420 and if 7 people $490.
  • Prize Pool will be $280 to the winner.

Competition 2 : Challenge Cup

  • Running in conjunction will be a Knockout Comp similar to FA CUP in the Premier League.
  • You will select your best of the weekend and this selection will be used as your key selection. Your key selection will be used and you will be against one other person. The person with the highest dividend progresses to the next round.
  • The prize pool will see the winner take 80% and the second person 20%. Prize will be determined by the amount of entries. For example let’s say 40 people enter then the prize money will be $400.
  • Each Challenge Cup will start at the start of each 4 week tournament.

Competition 3: Yearly Tournament

  •  As the name suggests your selections and scores will accumulate.
  • You don’t have to pay for a full year as there is no lock in or commitment however $20 of your original $110 entry fee will go to this prize pool.
  • Prize pool will be determined by how many entries join over the course of a year meaning if you miss entering the first 4 weeks tournament you can still make up the ground given the prices on offer which can rocket you up the scoreboard.
  • 70% paid to the winner, 20% to second and 10% to third.


All entries can only be entered via the website on the form.
All selections must be in 1 hour prior to the 1st game of the round.

All monies must be paid up front with no refunds.

Challenge cup entries will be selected randomly .





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