I’ve been involved in greyhound racing basically since my conception, my parents met at the track during the time my grandparents on both sides of the family were training greyhounds, you could say I was bred to be in this game.

My grandfather became a bookmaker later on and I spent a lot of time with him at the track during my early years through to my mid teens, i idolised his work on the stand and his form process to create a market, they say I could read a form guide fluently before I could a book due to following him around so much, this is where the punting bug got me.

Even though my form process was very good from such a young age I continued to lose on the punt for many, many years to come, the main reason being, I wanted to get rich quick, and for this reason I always found myself wanting to back the best dog on form, having zero idea or understanding of the concept of value or bankroll management.

After years of doing my dough week to week I had a break from the punt and took to poker, this was my turning point. I became a reasonably successful poker player and with the help of some very intelligent people along the way, I quickly learnt the importance of bankroll management and the concepts behind value. After a few years of poker I got tired of the grind it was and went back to investing time in to greyhound form, and this time setting my own markets, and boom, with all the pieces of the process now in place, I was winning consistently. I did still however have to continue to work on controlling my muggy urges with all the winnings coming in. This brings us to the process. I’m sure many of you that have/do take your punting seriously know a lot of this stuff, but i feel the need to run through it, after all, it is the base of my system, a system that’s been a winning one for over a decade now.

My system is worked off the standard 100 unit bankroll, therefore if you want to bet $100 units which my systems results is based off, you will need a $10,000 bankroll. This 100 unit bankroll allows for the ups and down that come with punting, we will NOT win every day, but if we have our 100 unit bankroll there to support us during the losing times, we WILL get out in the positive in the long term. You MUST stick to the process to reap the long term rewards, it can be a real grind at times, more so for me when results aren’t going our way with all the time I’m putting in to form assessment and pricing, you just have to sit back, get the bets on and enjoy the ride .

I must stress during losing times DO NOT chase your losses, DO NOT drunkenly tilt off your bankroll on late night UK horses and dogs, DO NOT let the down times effect your mindset towards the process and think going back to old ways will help, because it won’t, we’ve all been there and it only ends badly!

Anyhow enough of the negatives and back to what you can expect out of this system if followed correctly. Firstly profit, anywhere from 100-350 units profit per year, obviously every year varies but these are the figures that I’ve shown for a decade, and am continuously trying to tweak my system to increase its edge. Secondly, my plays and a staking strategy most days of the week, I don’t always find value, but generally we can have anywhere from 0 to 10 plays a day. A message will be sent out to notify you of what time today’s plays will be incoming, each day can vary from midday to 7pm. Thirdly, the plays themselves, you will receive the venue, race number, dog name and my staking strategy for this play at the time previously notified, the price supplied will be readily available at the time plays are sent and that’s what my results are recorded off. Last but not least, great customer service and support from our team at Professional Punting, a great bunch of like minded blokes that enjoy everything racing and can’t wait for you to come along for the ride.

So once again, welcome aboard and I can’t wait to start finding some winners for you and growing what you now will be treating as your investment bankroll. Keep it in each year and watch it grow or take the profits and go on a nice holiday, that choice is yours, green lights on, let’s go!    


The Dog Daddy  

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