The up and down nature of punting professionally requires great discipline and the variance can be hard to manage for some, especially during a bad run. Read about Variance In Punting.

After making some adjustments to his long proven system in 2019 Luke Murrell suffered his longest losing streak in his 21 years as a professional punter. The hardest part of this was having our loyal members go through it as well as it felt like things would never pick back up again.

Out with the new and in with the old!

After a rough 2019 and 2020 with no luck, the time had come to ditch the new set and focus on the tried and true formula that had made Luke one of Australia’s most successful punters.

The profits that members were used to for many many years have now returned and the loyal have been rewarded!

As of the 28th of September Luke is sitting on $20,460 yearly profit with his all time public profit since 2010 at $213,582 betting $100 units. (For information on betting units read our Betting Strategy Guide)

Members are enjoying regular winners and watching their punt banks grow with results such as Triple Ace on the 18th of September with 3u the win @ $27 and 2u the place @ $7!

With adjustments to the system including the betting bank members are protected from any variance that may come and can bet with the assurance they are following one of the worlds best form analysts.

With consisentent profits and on time tip delivery via our Apple and Android apps we have Australia’s premium tipping service!

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