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There is no doubt that owning a share in a racehorse is one of the most exciting things you can be part of.

Whether you like attending the races to feel the buzz or just watching at home, horse syndication offers a thrill that’s hard to explain.

The best thoroughbred syndicate in Australia is Australian Bloodstock, Both Luke Murrell and Jamie Lovett have experience, knowledge, passion and dedication to our wonderful sport.

They search both locally and internationally to find quality thoroughbreds to race with you.

Luke Murrell is one of the worlds most sort-after form analysts and when it comes to picking the right horse you can do no better.

Luke Murrell has put together two great documents aimed to help those who would like to be more educated on the process of horse selection. Tips on buying a yearling. & What happens after my yearling purchase.

When you start to look into buying a share in a racehorse you’ll find there are many options available, some are transparent and some are just plain terrible.

When choosing to outlay your hard earned cash you want to consider the following things:

  • Success rate of the syndicate: Your hard earned money is at stake and you want to make sure the people you are entrusting it to know what they are doing.
  • Transparency: With the barrage of options available you want to be with someone that has your interests at hand. There are plenty out there that will give you false promises of success and keep a dud horse racing because they generate income by doing so. Pick wisely.
  • Trainers they use: As mentioned above, like some syndicates there are trainers that like to embellish on your chances of success to keep you paying the bills. Pick a syndicate that uses trainers with a good record and good character.
  • Fees: It’s no surprise that it costs money to own a horse. Know exactly what all your fees are going to be before buying, pick a syndicate with transparent and reasonable fees.
  • Purchase price: As with any purchase you want to make sure you are getting a good deal, before you choose your horse do an internet search of “sire x mare” and you will be able to look through the sales results and see what your horse was purchased for. Some syndicates charge more than double the purchase price of the horse and make their money before it even races. Choose a syndicate that has an interest in your horses, doesn’t overcharge on the purchase price and is honest to you when it starts racing. Keep in mind the longer the syndicate has had the horse post sales will increase the costs.

If you want a horse syndicate that are all of the good bits and none of the bad then Australian Bloodstock are your answer!

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